Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RISE Sneak Peek!

Can't wait to see what happens to Ember and Barrow in RISE? MTV has the first two chapters here.

PS - Chapter 2: Steamy!


  1. I AM SO EXCITED for RISE to be released!! Can't wait to see you at the TX Book Festival!

  2. Can't wait to see you too, Katie :)

  3. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)


  4. I love your books and I'm currently reading Bloodrose. But I habe a question, why is treachery only available on kindle? I am interested in reading it but I don't have a kindle :(

  5. hey andrea im a littel confused is rift a total diffrent searies (sorry my brain went coput for some reason so if the words are spelt wrong sorry ^-^)

  6. Boy and I'm looking forward to the sneak peek!!!! Any chance I get I want to dive into a book, especially one of Andrea's books!

    Unedited has love for ya...

  7. I love your books Ms. Creamer!! I love them all. I was telling my english teacher to read them in the pop novels! (huge Fan)

  8. Hi Andrea, how are you? =)
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  9. Please tell me their will be another one. I have to know about Barrow and Ember!!!!!!!

  10. loved both books rise and rift!!! i was curious if you were going to write another origins book because im curious what happens to alistair or eira or bosque! the way you ended it, it seems like you left it open for another book. is there possibly one in the making???? lO_ol

  11. I read rise when is the next one coming out? I'm hooked

  12. I just finished Rise...I love the Nightshade world! Will there be another Ember novel?

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  14. I have read Rift and Rise an I am so hoping that you write another one. I need to know dose Ember and Barrow finally get together what happens to her sister and mom, is her dad ok. What is going to happen to Alistair and Eira and Lord Mar. I LOVED these bookes it took me a week to read both. I have read them both twice in one month. Please, Please, say that you are going to write another one in the prequel series. I wrote this all under my husbands sign in. Oops

  15. Will Rise come out in an audio version?

  16. Will Rise come out in an audio version?

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