Friday, September 13, 2013

You might have heard...

That something new is brewing in the Nightshade world. I'm happy to confirm that it's true.

Two new projects are afoot.

YA fans can expect three new novels that follow the events of BLOODROSE, the first book, SNAKEROOT, will be in stores December 10 of this year!

For fans of adult romance and erotica, I'm stepping into the dark waters of the Forbidden Nightshade series. These new novels tell steamy tales of forbidden romance and dark magic (note to younger fans: these are R-rated books, be aware of contented intended for mature readers.)

The first Forbidden Nightshade novel, CAPTIVE, will be in stores October 22. I'm running a contest now to spread the word about this new series - because it is intended for a different audience than my YA books I'm writing CAPTIVE and its companions under the name A.D. Robertson. If you'd like to keep up to date on news about the erotic romance series you can find the latest news on Twitter @adrwrites and on the A.D. Robertson Facebook page.

Both books are already available for pre-order (hint ;) )

I can't wait to share these new adventures on the page with you!


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